Final Reflection

I began my work at the beginning of the semester thinking that I was just going to photograph landscapes. I understood that there would be a final project for the end of the semester, but I was not thinking about what the impact of my work would have or what the significance of my work would be to myself if there was any. I just wanted to graduate and begin to figure out what my next journey would be.  The first half of the semester, I was very uninspired with my work. It was nothing special and not what I believed I was capable of producing. However, the proposal for the final project needed to begin and I started to try and figure out what is it that I wanted to be doing? What do I want my work to be? Will my photos have any impact on myself or others? These were questions that I really had to think about and even with about a month away from graduation I still didn’t scratch the surface and I still felt uninspired with what I was doing.

I thought my final project would be a book format of the different landscapes that I photographed, but I knew that at the stage that I was in a book was not what I wanted. My work was entering the beginning stages of experimentation that was finally starting to inspire passion in me, and I knew that at the stage my work was in a book would not support what I was doing. I am still not sure what impact, if any, my work will have in this moment to others, but for me it is allowing creativity to begin even with everyday life trying to stifle my experimentation. At this very moment, I don’t even know what my experimentation will lead to or what it is I am trying to create. I am filled with so much doubt and uncertainty about what it is that I am trying to do. Am I just trying to pass a class or am I in the beginning stages of finding something beautiful? To be honest, I really don’t care right now if my work impacts people. I really just care about if my work is having an impact on me. I believe if something is not igniting emotions than how do I expect my work to have any effect on others? I’m sure that this is a weird way to think, but it is my honest feelings so nothing that I can do about it except to continue experimenting with my work.

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