Water is a beautiful and sacred resource.  Without water, there is no life so I can’t understand why humans go out of their way to alter and destroy the environment that sustains water. It is not just humans that live on this planet, but other animals and the earth itself need this water to survive. Edward Burtynsky did a marvelous job at framing the environment to really demonstrate how humans have altered the landscape, but I also think he did a fantastic job in showing what water has done to shift the land as well. Water did not just shift the land though, but has really shaped how humans have come to see water in different religious aspects. In this aspect, I can understand that some humans seek to alter what is already beautiful, while others only want to be in harmony with water. It is a hard balance that I think is becoming harder and harder to maintain due to human development, but I think that the photographs and the film can help at least some people understand what is happening with the planets water and even invoke emotions and questions in a person.

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