Waste Land with Vic Muniz

Vic Muniz is amazing to come up with the idea to use garbage as art, but he is even more amazing to have started this project in the hopes of helping the people of Jardim Gramacho. He started out with an idea, but as he began to interact and understand the people he was working with his ideas became so much more than just art. His work allowed the people, the pickers, he was working with to understand that there was more than just garbage in their lives and that they were more than what they were doing. That the people were beautiful and that they can accomplish anything that they wanted.

Vic’s process was beautiful to see in how he transformed a photograph into recyclable material back into a photograph. This was a process that took over two years to do and the photos were absolutely stunning. The transformation of the people were even more gorgeous to me though. His photos were beautiful, but to see the journey that these people went through was incredible to see because not many people get the opportunity to transform themselves and create a better lifestyle were they can be happy.  I was even more happy to hear that Jardim Gramacho has closed and that there have been new processes put into place to better handle the garbage in Rio. Very inspiring artist and film.

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