Robert Adams

I think Robert Adams is beyond wise in the way that he views the world and how he is able to convey that wisdom through his photography.  He has this spiritual understanding of the different environments that he visits and whether his subject is devastating or conventional beauty, I think all his photographs are gorgeous in their messages. The series that really spoke to me were his deforestation photographs because it really shows the affects of humans on the environment. The emotions in the photographs were obvious to me, and the devastation of the forest really strikes a persons heart. Why does cutting down trees have to be so heartless? Why does a person have to desecrate a destroyed landscape by throwing trash into the mix? I don’t understand why humans can’t be more respectful of their environments and understand that technology isn’t always wanted or a good thing. These are some of the questions that came to me thanks to Robert’s work, which I am absolutely in love with for its subtle beauty.


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