Sherin Guirguis

Sherin Guirguis is the artist that created One I Call onsite exhibit in Desert X. What I like about this on site sculpture is that it looks kind of ugly by itself, but when you take the time to study it by itself and within its surroundings it starts to become something uniquely beautiful. Sherin states that “this sculpture reflects on the complex web of narratives surrounding deserts and desert communities,” and I find this fascinating. This sculpture is meant to be a beacon that represents a people that are often marginalized and forgotten in time. This is what I find beautiful about this piece. It understands that a people can be remembered and considered worthy of recognition for their stories and cultures.

I also see this sculpture as a lesson for those who see it, don’t judge at first glance. The outside can sometimes be in a form that you don’t appreciate, but the inside can be a gorgeous piece of work that can provide beauty in ones life. This sculpture personifies that in my mind because at first the outside seemed ugly to me, but once I got a glimpse of what it looked like on the inside, I began to appreciate how beautiful it looked. The more I began to understand the story of this sculpture, the more beautiful it became to me. It didn’t just represent itself, it represented a people that are often misunderstood and eventually forgotten because others may not seem them as beautiful or worth the time of day. I am always humbled when I have to be retaught this lesson and this is why art moves people in my mind.


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