Joshua White

Joshua White’s “Survey of the American Yard” is fascinating to me in the way that he stuck with one theme and continuously photographed without deviating from that theme. I also found this project pretty cool because he photographed using his iphone and edited his photos using instagram. I know that I couldn’t have the patience to stick with one theme like Joshua just because I get bored so quickly, but I found his work to be interesting in that I could just focus on the details of the subjects. I have trouble being able to photograph with such clarity and in a sense it really makes me want to learn the patience that he has so that I can hope to find a project that inspires me to take my time and really focus on details that we don’t often see in our environments because we gloss over what we don’t think is important. I also know that if I started to play with my own phone camera like Joshua did I might find new ways of exploring my environment or even finding a different medium to view the world through. That would be pretty neat!


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