2 Proposals but Which One?

My first idea for my semester project is taking photographs of dancers in their natural environments. I would be taking photos of not just the dancers in motion in what they believe dance is, but also the preparation it takes for them to get ready to move. I don’t have the preparation photos on this shoot just because of time constraint, but if I went with this route I could do different combos of diptychs and triptychs. I am not sure about this idea in the way that if I have to go out into the environment just how much time the dancers would be able to give me. If it is possible, I would also love to capture multiple dancers at once.

My second idea for my semester project is taking photos of different traditional items and documenting the process it takes to become said items. So I would document where the raw material is located then what tools are used to create the finished product. I couldn’t get to the beach areas where abalone is located, but I did manage to take photos of the shell itself and just one example of what abalone is used to create. In this case, a part of an abalone shell is used to make a pair of butterfly earrings. I would begin research with my cousin Myra, who is the curator of the Pechanga Cultural Resources Center at Pechanga, and decide which items to document and where their original locations are. I may even throw in creation stories if my cousin knows any and if I have time to write them down.

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