Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is a photographer that I also believe was an environmentalist before his time. He was truly passionate about his work and I am always amazed when I see a photographer that is taking photos seven days a week nonstop and never gets tiered about his subject matter. This always makes me second guess if I will ever find something that I will become passionate about. I find details and texture of a photo that I feel like I get lucky capturing and it re-inspires me to continue photography, but I am no where near the level that Ansel is. I probably never will if I continue to doubt why I love photography. However, it is very hard not to doubt myself when you view the work of a master photographer. I think what really captured my attention about Ansel is that he knew that he wanted his photography to be pure and to have a sense of purpose, but I wonder if I will continue photography long enough to figure out what my passion is and if it lies in photography or another medium all together.

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