Faisal Azim/Environmental Photographer

Faisal Azim entered a photograph “Life in the Circle” into the Environmental photography awards in 2014. This photo really stuck out to me because of how beautiful the overall composition is, but what really struck a cord in me is the story. His photography shows homeless people living within these cement tubes instead of being able to afford living in a house. These people are escaping tortures of all kinds and are being denied their right to life and freedom of movement and this problem is seeing more and more people becoming homeless in Bangladesh. These tubes and other structures are their homes and I find it intriguing that there are varied expressions on the peoples faces ranging from a smile to a heartbroken frown.The lighting in this photo is also beautiful and it conjures a happy feeling within me, which it shouldn’t due to the message behind the video.  Overall, this photograph is gorgeous and I am very interested in looking at more of Faisal’s work.


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