Environmental Landscape

What really inspired these photos was another homework assignment, but I did listen to some of Art Wolfe’s rules from his ’10 sins of composition’ when capturing these images. I love how you can play with the different compositions of a subject, but I also want to try and break those rules as well the further the semester progresses. I know that a project proposal needs to be started for this class in the next couple weeks, and I am beginning to develop an idea of what I want to do thanks to some of these photos that I took.

There is fiesta grounds on the Pechanga reservation, my home, that everyone on the reservation has access to, but there is a spot further back that is used as a makeshift gun range. The problem with this gun range is that no one cares to clean up the mess that they make and so there are bullet shells scattered across the ground, old cans and beer bottles shot through with holes, and broken trees that become victims to weapons. I know that this is becoming an environmental problem on the reservation, and it has been brought up to my tribe about cleaning this area up, but so far no action has been taken. I’m pretty sure that something will happen soon that will break the camels back.

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