Edward Burtynsky’s: Manufactured Landscapes and Green Education

Edward Burtynsky’s photograph strikes a chord in my heart. I love mother earth and what she can provide us in beauty, but watching how humans continue to abuse her makes my heart cry. I was raised in a community that believes that mother earth and all her children are sacred and meant to be respected, but I am also a realest in the way that societies need resources in order to maintain our ways of life. I find Edward’s work fascinating in Manufactured Landscapes and Green Education in the way that he photographs the impact that humans have on their environment, but also what can be done to find solutions for sustainability. I question what sustainability really is though. Edward shows how different countries are striving for sustainability, but what I saw was these countries deconstructing cities for a reservoir, nuclear plants, and coal factories. I saw a red river flowing through a black landscape with a gray smog in the sky that reminded me of mother earths blood freely flowing because we are hurting her. I saw oil fields stretching for miles because societies are greedy for oil so that we can maintain our lifestyles, but again, I saw mother earth being damaged more.

With these different photographs showing how the environment is being damaged, I wonder who thinks about the people who used to live in those lands. There had to be communities and towns in some of these areas and I wonder what happened to the people? I wonder if anyone cares about the animals that lived there and how we are also affecting their homes and lifestyles? How does going from one resource to another really help the impact on the environment? I don’t know the answer to these questions and I really don’t have much knowledge about just how bad the environment is, but this video does put into perspective that I need to start educating myself. Educating one person can make a difference in being able to educate an entire population to effect change.

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