San Elijo

This field trip to San Elijo was fun because I have never been here before so it made it very difficult for me to photograph because I just wanted to take in everything. The surroundings were very tranquil to me, and the scenery was gorgeous. However, I tried to take photos that I felt were usually not taken because I want to look at the places that I visit in totally new ways. I want to look underneath the obvious, and I am happy to say that I have been getting better at this goal. I always take over 200 photos of the places that I visit, but I always try to just post a certain amount so that I don’t overwhelm my posts.

With my San Elijo photos, I really tried to mess with texture and color. I think I did a good job at this and I even played with double exposure to see what my photos would look like. To be honest, I would have had more texture and color photos, but I got distracted by the crazy forest of caterpillars that seemed to number in the millions. I could not walk without fear of stepping on the caterpillars, but to be honest, they kept falling on me from the trees that I started not to care. My experience at San Elijo was okay, but that just means that next time I go I will go and explore a new area. Maybe the caves next time?

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