Elfin Forest

This was my first time visiting Elfin Forest, and I was surprised that I found so many interesting shapes, colors, textures, and compositions when I would take a photograph. I started to understand that I could begin to play with everything and I ended up taking over two hundred photos on this field trip, but I managed to slim it down to only post fourteen photos. This trip was an adventure for me and I really enjoyed just being able to walk around in the sunshine and really take photos of whatever I wanted. I have always noticed that I feel like I have to take photos based on what others would perceive as “proper art,” but I am beginning to break away from that assumption. I am enjoying the journey that is discovering what I believe is my creative and artistic process to my art. I could figure out what my art is tomorrow, but I hope it takes me a lifetime so that I can continue to enjoy the little things that this world has to offer.

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