Blast to the Past/ Book Project

This week was so much fun. My family celebrated my cousins fiftieth wedding anniversary and it was a fifty’s theme party! What is truly exciting is that I captured some cool moments that I will be using for my book project. As I continue to move forward with my photography, I have started to notice that I am becoming more experimental with what I am shooting and manipulating my photos to what pleases me. I am not photographing photos based on what I believe something is suppose to look like, but what I want something to look like. I do not know if this is what others see in my photos, but this is the major pattern that is starting to appear within my photos in my eyes.

After looking at the photos in this shoot, I noticed that I seemed to have played with angles in relation to the people I am shooting, as well as, trying out black and white instead of color. Angles of different people were done on purpose because of Alex Boyd’s work on Scottish landscape were he continuously photographed a man with his back to the camera. However, I am finding it more fun to take different angles of a person and capture them in the moment rather than pose them in a specific landscape in just one pose. I just decided to use black and white with some of these photos because I liked the total feel of the fifty’s style mixed with black and white. Overall, I think this shoot has really allowed me to explore the direction that I want to take when it comes to making my book project and I feel that from here on my photos will become more experimental and more creative in my eyes.

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