Jim Brandenburg



To go from a thousand pictures a day to one photo a day for ninety days is impossible in my mind. To go back to the roots of the earth to be humble is not impossible at all. Jim Brandenburg somehow accomplished both in order to re-inspire himself when it comes to his love of photograph and nature. One photo a day, one click of a shutter, and he either has or does not have the photograph that he wants. The experience it takes to be able to locate any scenery and just know that that is the photo he wants is astounding to me. I believe that Jim is very brave to take on such a task, especially since he created this task for himself. His dedication to his work and to nature is very admirable, and each of his photographs tell such a story. The colors and composition in his photographs are fantastic as well considering he found all his photos at that precise moment. The chance to do what he does is awesome, and maybe one day I will get the chance to go somewhere new, and try to take photos that humble and inspire me.

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