Art Wolfe


Another post on Art Wolfe, but this time it focuses on his Human Canvas work. This artist is becoming more and more amazing every time I see his work. His imagination is incredible and I keep asking myself where his creativeness comes from! Art Wolfe says his inspiration comes from painters and he takes cultures from around the world and completely creates a new concept from these inspirations. The way that he portrays the naked human form is also very beautiful. Instead of looking at the body in a sexualized way, he is able to make the eye focus on form. He hand paints the human form, which draws attention to the imperfections of the body, as well as, the imperfections of humans in general. A good lesson to take from Art’s Human Canvas work is to find inspiration from what you know and create something that gives you passion. Explore things that you don’t know and find inspiration from that as well.

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