I have been using my camera for about four years now, but I still struggle with how to properly use the settings, as well as, when to use certain modes. Marc Muench broke down the settings into the simplest terms I have learned yet, and it actually clicked in my head. Marc called it technical trinity and gave simple definitions of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Easier to understand the workings of my camera, and now I just have to practice using the modes when I start the photoshoots for class.

We also watched Art Wolfe again and he gave instruction on the Ten Deadly Sins of Composition. These are basically rule of thumb when taking any kind of photos. The rules are basically a starter tool, but I feel once I become more comfortable with my photography I can start to push what I can and cannot do.  These “sins” will help me to be critical with my work. I will start to develop an eye when looking through a lens and see what I can shoot in the future.


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