Burtynsky’s Watermark is amazing in so many ways. This is my second time watching it, but I am still astounded at how this movie was created, and how the artwork came to life. Every image was unique in its story telling, and the influence that humans have on the environment shined through in the images. The Colorado River drying up and leaving root like grooves in the ground or how different dams radically change the landscape. The different examples used in Watermark were moving by themselves, but the ways in which these images were composed were what really brought emotion into the artwork. The way that Burtynsky would take the photos from the air or how he would continuously be moving so as to showcase how huge these works of nature and man were for the audience. More than anything, he showcased how humans interact with the water and how many cultures around the world have relationships with water. I really do enjoy Watermark, and I hope to try some new composition ideas when I next do a photoshoot.

These are some of my favorite photos that I have taken within the past year. Some of the landscape photos are also my homework mixed in randomly so I think it makes a nice mixture. To be honest, when I was taking some of these photos I was not really thinking about composition or technique. I was taking these photos based on what I liked within the frame, as well as, color. I also just enjoyed being able to go out and enjoy nature and see what I could do with my camera. I know that my level as a photographer is still at the beginner level, but that is okay. I just have to practice and keep in the back of my mind what do I want to show with my photos.




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