Art Wolfe/ Inspiration?

Art Wolfe has been surrounded his entire life by beautiful landscape. His first works are inspired by his surroundings and imagination.  What I find interesting about Art Wolfe is that he does not stop being inspired and he does not stop learning. He continually finds ways of looking at the world in new ways that seems kind of crazy, and yet, wonderful to someone like me who only sees the surface. He is able to see inspirations in the landscape thanks to his education in art history and the artists that he studied in his early life.  He is definitely someone that I can be inspired by and I have already started thinking of new work that I can do thanks to him.

ArtWolfe_5x7_300dpi PEAK

I have only begun to tap into my creative side. I do not have a solid foundation yet or even concrete ideas on what I want my art to be or what I want my art to do. I am so new in my art that the only thing that I have to inspire me is my culture. My culture is my identity and with that, everything that I do is inspired by my culture. I believe that is a great start in the right direction in finding out what can inspire me. However, I sometimes feel like my art can be stunted by me just focusing on my culture. How many times can a person take a photo of the same tree without looking deeper for more images or different meanings? This will be my challenge to myself this next semester. I want to be inspired by my everyday surroundings in a totally new way. I cannot wait to start!

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