Smoke Signals


This movie is just awesome! The entire time I was watching this film it kept pulling reactions from me, whether it be laughter or tears. The very first thing that I thought about when the film started was if I would be the only one in class that understood all the rez jokes. Even if I was the only one who might understand ever joke in the film I knew that I wasn’t the only one who understood the pain that Victor had to go through the entire film. The laughter that this movie caused in me was so great that I forgot that the themes of this film are still very much prominent within tribal communities, especially alcohol and forgiviness. I know from experience the tragedies that alcohol can cause in a family and how that family can be broken from one act. 6

For Victor, it was his father leaving him when his mother got tiered of seeing Victor suffering from seeing his parents drinking all the time.  For Victors dad, it was causing the fire that killed Thomas’s parents. Everyday, people of all races still suffer from alcohol abuse and the decisions made when under the influence. It is not easy to stop drinking, and some people like to think that those who don’t drink are stupid or not cool. However, you need only to see Smoke Signals to get a glimpse into what happens when you cannot control your alcohol consumption. It can destroy a persons entire life.

The theme of forgiveness is very crucial in this movie. The entire journey, Thomas stayed beside Victor through thick an thin, even when Victor only saw him as a nuisance, but Thomas understood the importance of being there for Victor. Thomas told all these stories about Victors dad that Victor believed were not true, and Victor had to constantly tell Thomas to shut up, but what is not understood until the very end of the film is that Thomas is special. His grandmother held his face and said “tell me what happened Thomas, tell me what’s going to happen?” Thomas saw things that not many people do and this references power. He would be considered a medicine man and he understood above all else that Victor needed someone to help him forgive in order for his soul to heal. To forgive and to heal takes time and help. I know that if my family did not have help we would never have healed. I was blessed enough not to lose anyone before my family was able to heal and we know live the life that I believe the creator meant for all people to have.

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