Ai Weiwei, Never Sorry


To challenge the system because you know that it is wrong to control the people in such a cruel way that basic rights are denied to them is brave. Often times, the people who challenge the system are a select few individuals that lay their entire lives on the line and risk not just themselves, but their career, reputation, and family. Even so, they continue to fight because it is the right thing to do and they know that if the fight does not end with them then the battle continues to the next generation. Ai Weiwei understood this fact and he still continued to fight in order to create change and he did this through the use of his art and taking advantage of technology to further his cause.

Ai Weiwei allows his art to speak for itself. Every art piece he has created tells a specific story and each one causes a reaction in people. I believe art should always create a reaction in people, whether it be good or bad. However, where artists want to create an idea or search for a reaction in people, Ai Weiwei likes to stir up reactions from the government while at the same time helping the people. One of the best examples is when he collected the names of every child that died in the earth quake due to horribly built schools. This project was designed to make people aware of what the government allowed to happen while also making the public aware that this happened. The government was not happy with this and so kept a watch on Ai Weiwei’s home and movements, but he did not care. Every obstacle thrown at Ai Weiwei only made him continue his art and he used social media every step of the way.

What really makes me admire Ai Weiwei is that he maintains his integrity and courage even when the government continues to block him every step of the way. He is also very intelligent, which is why I also believe that the world could use more people like him. To combine intelligence and a passion, his being art, to fight for the rights of the people is awe inspiring and this is really the main reason that people follow him and do what they can to help him in his goal even at the risk of their own lives. Ai Weiwei is amazing and maybe one day I will show the same courage when the time is right for me to make a stand and fight for what is right in my own community.

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