Water is truly the main connection that all humans share, and we abuse it just like every other resource we have on earth. What was once beautiful works of nature was polluted, reformed, and destroyed by human hands. I do not understand how humans can be so cruel in the treatment of the one resource that we are so physically connected to, and what connects us spiritually and physically to the earth.

While it is true that Watermark demonstrates the force of water, it seems to me like humans believe that we have the power to control and contain such a force of nature. I don’t understand why humans feel the need to build dams. The rivers that dams block have been flowing for thousands of years. Maybe I am just ignorant of there true purpose, but each dam I saw in the video made me sad to see such beauty contained. Half the video showed humans trying to contain or use water to benefit them, which usually led to negative consequences. However, the other half of the video showed respect that people have for the water and how it plays into a religious and cultural factor. One religion bathed in a specific river in order to cleanse themselves of their sins. Another culture used water for thousands of years to grow rice and every new generation was expected to work in the fields.

No matter the relationship, whether it is negative or positive, water does have a huge impact on human lives and how those lives are shaped over a long period of time. In my own culture, water has made a special impact in that our very name has a connection with water. My people are called Pechanga, which is derived from the traditional word pe’cháq. Pe’cháq means where the water drips and this is very significant to us because the spring where our name came from sustained us when we were evicted from our ancestral homelands. To this day, we honor that water that sustained our ancestors in my family to the point that if my family isn’t carrying water on us at all times we go crazy. No matter my feelings on this video, negative or positive, it was artfully filmed and I can definitely appreciate it as an art major.

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