Annie Leibovitz


The only way that I can describe Annie is that she is a legend in the art world. I feel like every celebrity would kill to be photographed by Annie, and the ones that are seem to be propelled further to fame. What I find truly amazing about her is that with every hardship that happened throughout her life she was able to incorporate her experiences into her photography. She suffered through drugs at the beginning of her career in Rolling Stones and was able to get clean when she moved on to other jobs with magazines. I find this beyond incredible because to walk away from drugs is incredibly difficult and to do so with the opportunity to continue taking photographs of celebrities is amazing. This is a very rare occurrence and I applaud her for continuing with her life and being able to find more exciting jobs.

I feel kind of envious of Annie and her love and talent for photography. I know that I am very young and I have not experienced all that life can provide, but sometimes I wonder if my generation has more pressure placed upon us because it seems like it is harder to figure out what it is that we would like to do with our lives. It just seems like it was easier for the previous generations to find their passions and the things they like to do with their lives. However, I also know that while it may seem like the previous generations had it easier finding the things they love to do, I also know that that is far from the truth and Annie’s story demonstrates that very well. She went through drugs, the loss of her father, and the loss of Susan. I am sure there is many other things she went through between these main events, but even through it all she continued to grow and expand on her photography. Her love of photography was always her main constant and comfort in life and I wonder if one day I will be lucky enough to find the same thing. Until such time that I discover a passion and love for something like Annie did I will continue to do what I am doing and trying different things at least once. Who knows, I might find something tomorrow or I may have already found something, but just don’t recognize it yet, just as Annie didn’t recognize it at first when traveling around in her families car seeing everything through a lens.

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