Rabbit Proof Fence!

Why is it that the dominate culture believes that they are doing the “right” thing by trying to “educate” the so called savages? What right does the dominate culture have to take a mothers child away from her?  To treat the “savages” as servants and rape the women as if they are mere objects? To force a religion and culture on a population because the dominant society believes that theirs is the correct culture. This is a reoccurring issue that has been happening for thousands of years around the world and you would think that human kind would have learned to respect diversity.

Rabbit Proof Fence is just one story of many that was able to be told.  The journey that Molly, Gracie, and Daisy had to endure was suffered by many people around the world. To be taken from your family in order to be brainwashed so that the government can “breed” out the “savage” and assimilate the children into main stream society so that indigenous people can become instinct. History shows humankind that if you can brainwash all the children than you can kill a culture.

What history also demonstrates is that the willpower of a people can be monumental! The willpower of one person can also be fearsome! The willpower of one child can be staggering! Children are always underestimated, but they should be the ones that we need to look out for. As Molly, Gracie, and Daisy showed us in their story the instinct to reunite with family is a very powerful one. These girls demonstrated a strength that lives within many people and they endured struggles that would break full grown adults. Children should not have to endured these struggles, but dominating cultures turn “lesser” cultures into possessions so that they would not feel guilt about hurting people. These hurts become soul wounds of not just the person that is being hurt, but to the entire culture.  Future generations feel these soul wounds. People in Australia and around the world are still feeling the harm that the dominate culture has inflicted on these indigenous cultures, and to be honest, the soul wounds will never completely heal.

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