Billy Elliot


Billy Elliott is a young eleven year old that experiences raw emotions through out his journey in this movie. From the very moment that I am introduced to him in the first scene of the movie I knew he loved music with a passion! However, the struggles and expectations of his father and older brother prevent Billy for being honest to them about his passion for dance, specifically ballet. The expectation to learn how to box every week led Billy to discover ballet and with practice he demonstrated a passion that impressed the ballet teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. From that point forward, Billy wanted nothing more than to dance ballet, but his brother and father continued to try and stop Billy from dancing to the point that Billy snapped and showed his father just what he could do. His father finally saw his sons passion and did everything he could to support him doing ballet. The last scene in the movie showed the father crying in happiness when he saw Billy dancing!

This movie just goes through an adventure of crazy emotions and expectations! I know personally that expectations can cause massive amounts of pressure especially when those expectations are constantly piled on you with no light at the end of the tunnel. That is life though. Even when Billy was accepted as a ballet dancer I am sure that expectations kept him going in his dancing career. I know for a fact that there is good and bad to all the pressure that is piled on ones shoulders and I fear that just as Billy breaks down that I too will do the same thing. The pedestal in which I am placed on by family members starts to cause emotional ties to wither and crumble away. The pressure does not only affect one person, but several. I can connect with Billy on this level, and that is the main reason why I love this movie.

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