This is a movie that I would see on the shelves, but probably would not buy. It is only after watching it that I have come to find a love for it. It is not the cliche love story where boy meets girl and falls in love with each other. It was much more than that in the way that music was the main love in this story, and it gravitated these two people together. However, while the main characters develop feelings toward each other with every instance of music, they do not act due to the fact that each have obligations towards other things. For example, the woman has a young daughter, her mother, and a husband, while the man is still very much in love with his old girlfriend and is determined to become a famous musician.

Even with all the obstacles in their way, they both find a way to just be themselves. They have fun with each other as friends and it is amazing how there was all these events surrounding music and the love that people have for it. The man introduces all these experiences to the woman and I feel like she grew as a person, but on the other hand it was the woman that began the journey for both of them by stepping forward, and talking to the man. She also gave the man the courage to step up and follow his dream, and to reunite with his love. They both had such a profound affect on each other that they will always remember what the other did for them. This movie is a must see, and I definitely will recommend it to others to watch.

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