Maya Lin : A Strong Clear Light

Maya Lin is very strong! I was surprised that for someone who was only 21 when she created the Vietnam Memorial that she was able to hold herself with strength and dignity under the pressure that she had to endure from all sides throughout the entire process. I know that at that age I would not be able to endure that kind of pressure. This is what is most significant for me! To stand behind your original work and break through the backlash that is politics in order to help commemorate the people that the memorial is for, and to help heal those soldiers and family that survived. I will remember the peace that Maya Lin brought to these people, and I hope that I will one day visit this memorial in order to show my gratitude to the spirits of the brave soldiers.

Maya Lin inspires me just as Frida Kahlo does! Both these women have managed to make history with there works not because they wanted to be famous, but because they had messages to convey and they did this through their love of their medium. I believe this is why they made history. They never gave up and they continued to push their boundaries in order to better themselves and their art. What amazes me is that they were also able to do this despite their ethnicities and gender.  Maya Lin had to fight the politics for the memorial because of her background as an asian as well as a woman! We need more women like this to be acknowledged and Maya is definitely a new role model for me.

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