Amazing Frida Kahlo! VPA 311

Wow! This woman is amazing. Even with all the hardships she had to endure since her accident, she was able to take those experiences and create beautiful art from it. This is what is most significant to me. If I had to endure the pain and suffering that she went through I do not know if I would come out as strong as Frida. She did say in the film after climbing up the steps of a pyramid that people would be surprised what their bodies can endure. With every hardship, she was able to create works of art unseen anywhere else, and I will remember this most in a year from now.

What inspired me from watching Frida is how much passion she has for life. The way she walks, talks, dresses, paints, and holds herself shows such confidence in herself. It demonstrates such inner beauty, and it shines through to her outer beauty. Not many women or men have this ability, but the ones that do, I would like to believe can affect the people around them to shine just as well.

The one thing that puzzles me more than anything though is how Frida stayed with Diego even through all his cheating. How she married Diego knowing that he would cheat on her. In the movie, they get a divorce because Diego asks for it, but Frida stuck by her husband through everything. I couldn’t be with a man that would cause me harm such as what Diego caused Frida, but on the other side of the coin Diego was good to her. Diego may not have been faithful, but he was loyal to Frida. In his own way, he loved Frida very much. They had a bond that I am sure not many people could understand, but their bond was so strong that they didn’t care what others thought. They were together to the end and that was true loyalty, friendship, and love.

This movie was just so compelling that I could not take my eyes away from the screen. Every detail trapped the viewer and made sure that they did not look away. Every painting, movement, and scene change always makes the viewer think about why Frida would do this or do that. When watching the movie, I would do this every time Frida dressed a certain way, walked a certain way, painted a certain way, and talked a certain way. I was always trying to figure out what motivated Frida, and even now I still don’t truly know what that motivation is. Maybe a couple years from now I will, but at this present time I don’t think I have the experience to understand her completely.

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