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Míiyuyam (hello everyone)!

This is my book! This is my first rough draft that I hope to expand on in the future. I have showed my book to my cousin Myra, who was featured in my book, and she thought it was very beautiful. She loves how I featured different artifacts, history, and people of Pechanga in my book.  Her praise on this semester long project made all my hard work worth it! The real test will be when my dad sees the final printed project! I know he will love it, but none the less, I always love when I make something that he loves and that he can be proud of. I have done different drafts of my book and I even had to restart it the night before it was due and stayed up until two-thirty in the morning to finish it. This last draft was my favorite and I am so proud of all my hard work!! I will cherish it!

Nosúun Lóoviq (Thank you)!

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