Rough Draft Screen Shots

Míiyuyam (hello everyone)!!

This is my first post of my screen shots for my book. This is definitely not final, but it is a good start in how I want my book to look like. This post has given me an idea of how I want my book to look and what photos I need to take to stay within my main goal of showcasing the culture of Pechanga and the people that make up Pechanga. I know my original concept was to take pictures of everything on the reservation, but I found that the more I took photos, the more they were centered on culture. This makes perfect sense considering the fact that my life has always revolved around my family and culture. If I can show case my culture beautifully than I know that I have accomplished my goal. This will not be the end though. Once I finish this book, I can only improve and add more depth to my next book. Who knows, I just might do another book altogether based on just my family. See you later!

Nosúun Lóoviq (Thank you)!

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