Don Bartletti

Míiyuyam (hello everyone)!!

The Product of Mexico was a beautiful and heartfelt project that showcases the mistreatment of workers and child labor. Don wanted to do this project to show people what is happening in Mexico to these workers and to raise awareness to how there food is grown, and how children have to work in order to make money to feed their families even though the age requirement to work is fifteen in Mexico. The life that these people have to suffer is horrendous and the promises that these workers are given by there employers never come true. If the worker is good at what they do, they maybe earn ten dollars a day. This is not enough to sustain a healthy life style.

This is just heart breaking all around! The extremely sad part about it is that even though people hear about these things and care what happens to these people, there everyday life interferes in being able to help these workers in Mexico. People are so absorbed in their own lives that they are not able to help in any way the people that are suffering in other countries. Don said that just being interested in the topic makes a difference and if his photographs cause change or spring people into action than he has done more than he thought he could.  To hear that a person doesn’t want to change the world through their job is puzzling to me considering the fact that is what most people want to do. Don is refreshing and being able to hear his side of the story relating to this project as well as being able to see his work was a pleasure and definitely worth every minute sitting in an uncomfortable chair hahaha.

Nosúun Lóoviq (Thank you)!!

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