First Class Photo Shoot/ Favorite Post!!!

Míiyuyam (hello everyone)!!

This was our first class photo shoot on campus. I was kind of scared of this shoot because I would be taking photos with my classmates, which some have more photography experience than I do so I was a little intimidated. Once I started getting into the groove, I loosened up a little and it turned out so fun. My classmates were so nice, and they helped me with my photos by posing with and for me. This shoot was a mixture of previous shoots were I would be experimental but also purposeful in what I would take pictures of. The picture on the far bottom right is an example of this! I really got to play with lighting because the shoot was at sun down so I got to experience that “golden” moment.

Lightroom really helped with this shoot in lighting up shadows in the plant picture and also allowing me to add shadows in the bright picture of the young woman with her camera. With the rest, it was just about playing with the saturation and colors however much I wanted to. I found that I need to be careful when doing this though or I could give my pictures an unrealistic look that I do not want. I found that when I can get candid pictures in their natural state I capture better quality and emotions than posed. I want my pictures to be as natural as possible! I am glad that I have discovered this early on because now I know what type of photographs I love. Overall, this was a very successful shoot and I can’t wait for the next one!

This post, though it only has six pictures, is my favorite because I really tried to be creative in how I thought outside the box. I would look at a subject and try to look at in from different perspectives and angles to see what it could do. Like when I looked through the square hole and saw the school or when I took a picture of the woman I saw a reflection in her camera lens. This was my first creative shoot before starting my book and I really think that this was the precursor to opening up my creative eye.

Nosúun Lóoviq (Thank you)!!

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