New Fun! Diptych/Tryptic

Míiyuyam (hello everyone)!

For this shoot, I basically carried my camera around and took pictures of everything that caught my attention. I wasn’t trying to limit my ideas to what I thought I had to take pictures of and so I ended up with over fifty pictures. I even used pictures from previous photo shoots to see if I could make any connections. The pictures that I used I didn’t even realize they could work together until my friend Raffy looked at them with me and helped me make connections. Something as simple as color made a great tryptic and I would have not seen the connection without my professors input. Looking at the tryptic now, I am so proud of how it came out! The colors just pop and it makes me so excited that I made that. The fact that I had friends with me taking the pictures and looking at the pictures in light room with me also made the experience so much fun!!!

The diptych pictures was from a different photo shoot that I did not get to use, but once I realized that I had these two similar, but unique photos I could not help putting them side by side. Both pictures were taken at different times of the day in very different settings, but what I find unique about them is that my mother, in the left picture, is in a graveyard, in the morning, with all this beautiful lighting while my brother, in the right picture, is at a park with very low light. The opposites attract in the diptych and I think that is why they work so well together!! I can start to see improvement in my photos, and I am so happy!

Nosúun Lóoviq (Thank you)!

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