What My Dad Loves!

Míiyuyam (hello everyone)!!

I chose to take pictures of my dad because when he plays his music he creates magic. Whenever he sings or plays his guitar I always stop what I am doing to listen to what he makes and sometimes I even join him even though I cannot sing to save my life haha. I grew up on my dad’s singing from the moment that I was born and it brings a comfort to me that I cannot describe easily into words.  The closest that I can describe it is being tucked inside your mother’s womb and listening to her heartbeat lull you into sleep. My dad fears his voice is disappearing, but I only hear improvement as he gets older, and I hope that these photos show how much he loves his music. Just as I hope that as I get better at photography I can show him how much I love him!

I did have trouble taking photos of him because the lighting in the room was terrible so I really had to play with the manual settings on my camera. I also had to use a tripod because of the lighting, but because he was constantly moving there is some blur, but I think this adds character. I also had to maneuver around the different  equipment in the room so that was also a challenge. The biggest challenge was getting plenty of photos of him before he left to watch the Super Bowl game on tv at 3. I think for my first assignment I got plenty of pictures. I had a lot of fun playing with my camera and this assignment really tested me in how much I can use my camera. See you next time.

Nosúun Lóoviq (Thank you)!

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